Port of Portland, Seismic Risk Analysis

GRI provided consultation for a seismic risk assessment of the Port of Portland’s top 20 key assets, including marine terminals T-4 through T-6 and portions of the aviation facilities at Portland International Airport (PDX) and Hillsboro Airport (HIO).
The team worked closely with the Port’s engineering and risk groups to select the assets and evaluate their fragility/resilience during a range of design-level earthquakes. Due to the presence of relatively soft and loose soils at many of the Port’s facilities, the risk of liquefaction and liquefaction-induced ground displacement were important factors in evaluating the seismic performance of these structures.
GRI collaborated with Dr. Stephen Dickenson of New Albion Geotechnical, Inc., a recognized expert in seismic design and earthquake engineering, to evaluate site-specific liquefaction hazards and ground response at the key assets. This information was used by the remainder of the team to estimate risk of and probable damage associated with economic losses and to develop mitigation alternatives where appropriate.
In 2015 the Port was awarded the Oregon Emergency Management Association (OEMA) Partner Award for Innovation for the team’s efforts on this project.

Location: Portland, Oregon

Owner: Port of Portland

Market Sector: Aviation, Ports and Waterfront