Port of Newport, Port Dock 5 Pile and Pier Replacement

For more than ten years, GRI has provided geotechnical engineering and seismic engineering design services on a variety of different projects for the Port of Newport’s Dock 5 facility. GRI initially provided consultation in 2011 for Port Dock 5 Pile Replacement that included observing the installation of 20-inch-diameter piles to replace deteriorated piles that were supporting the dock.
Later on, due to a new design alternative on Dock 5, GRI once again provided geotechnical and seismic engineering services to provide seismic design considerations, pile design recommendations, and construction recommendations to the project team for replacement piles.
Most recently, in 2021, GRI provided services for a complete replacement to Port of Newport’s Dock 5. The project replaced the pier that connects to Port Dock 5 – home to 80 vessels that bring in a variety of fish. The new pier replaced creosote treated timber pilings and planks with more environmentally friendly steel pilings. The new design required fewer pilings and is topped with pre-form concrete slabs, complete with a stormwater collection system.
The new pier is 168 feet long, with the gangway adding an additional 85 feet. It features 18 steel pilings, greatly reducing the number of pilings as compared to the old pier. It’s also tied into the city storm sewer and any run-off is filtered for debris and contaminants prior to entering the sewer system.

Location: Portland, Oregon

Owner: Port of Portland

Market Sector: Ports and Waterfront