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GRI provides full-service design, permitting, and construction support for projects that are essentially geotechnical in nature. With this service, we offer our clients a single source to quickly and cost-effectively evaluate, design, permit, and manage construction of a wide range of soil-, rock-, and groundwater-related projects.  

Our services include:

  • Soil and Rock Mechanics
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Engineering Geology
  • In Situ Testing/Instrumentation
  • Seismic Hazard and Resiliency Studies
  • Landslide Evaluation/Remediation
  • GIS Interpretation and Mapping
  • Pile Driving Analysis (PDA)
  • Trenchless Technology
  • Construction Engineering
  • Hydrogeology
  • Hazmat Management

Since our founding in 1984, GRI has focused on client-driven solutions to real-world problems. Our approach to environmental services incorporates a high level of attention to detail in the characterization, assessment, and description of site soil, groundwater, and soil gas conditions. This comprehensive understanding of site conditions, coupled with a thorough knowledge of city, state, and federal regulations and consideration for client needs, allows us to consistently develop approaches to mitigation that are mutually beneficial to the client and the environment while being acceptable to regulators. Our success with this approach is based on common sense and the ability to define and communicate individual stakeholders’ needs and risks. GRI has completed almost 900 environmental assignments, and our services include:
  • Phase I ESAs
  • Phase II ESAs
  • Soil and Groundwater Contamination Assessment and Remediation
  • Asbestos and Lead Paint Surveys
  • Underground Storage Tank Management
  • Contaminated Media Management and Construction Oversight

Our team has extensive experience with pavement rehabilitation and design, pavement management, forensic investigations, and construction management services. We have provided services to public-sector clients at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as in the private sector, with our work primarily in the Pacific Northwest. GRI has over 30 years of experience, including a wide array of pavement-related projects where we assisted clients in developing practical, cost-effective solutions that improve pavement performance and reduce the overall life cycle cost of their pavement assets. GRI utilizes a wide variety of field and laboratory testing equipment in order to assist us in evaluating pavements, including:
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)
  • Pavement Core and Auger Drill Rig
  • Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)
  • GPS Cameras
  • Nuclear Densometers
  • Atterberg Limits, Gradation, and Compaction Test Equipment

GRI offers a range of testing capabilities, including:
  • Triaxial Shear Strength
  • Direct Shear
  • Swell Pressure
  • Consolidation
  • Triaxial Permeability
  • Point Load Tests
  • Organic Contents

Our laboratories are also equipped to run all standard soil classification tests, such as natural moisture content, Atterberg limits, grain size analyses, unit weight, and specific gravity, as well as moisture-density relations and CBR tests.

GRI owns and operates a complement of field engineering instrumentation and in-situ test equipment, including
  • Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA)
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometers
  • Flat Plate Dilatometer (DMT)
  • Horizontal and Vertical Inclinometers
  • Pneumatic, Vibrating-Wire, and Standpipe Piezometer Readout Devices
  • Surveying Equipment
  • Resistivity Testing Equipment

All members of the technical staff are experienced in the installation and monitoring of field equipment and the interpretation and practical application of test data.


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