Geologic Hazards

Our team’s engineering geologists have devoted most of their careers in the Pacific Northwest to providing solutions for geologic hazards. Our collective 100 years of experience with the geology of the Pacific Northwest provides us with an understanding and passion for the rock and soil underneath us. We are experienced in identifying, evaluating, monitoring, and providing innovative solutions to geologic hazards that are affecting infrastructure and private developments.

Our hazard management services include adaptable cost-effective solutions, short- and long-term applications, and risk assessments to meet the objectives of project stakeholders. Our portfolio includes evaluation and design of mitigation for landslides, unstable rock slopes, erosion, earthquake-induced settlement, and ground surface rupture from faults. In addition, GRI completes geologic hazards evaluations as part of Critical Area Permitting required by many local agencies. Our assessments can be integrated with geographic information system (GIS) analysis and electronic field data collection surveys to collect more data in less time and allows for rapid post-field data evaluation and presentation.

GRI staff are trained in rope access methods to access and document key geologic data on steep and difficult to access terrain or can deploy our drone to collect aerial photography. We also offer emergency 24/7 support services to public agencies when their infrastructure is impacted by geologic hazards.

Geologic Hazard-Related Services:

  • Landslide Mitigation
  • Rock Fall Mitigation
  • Slope Mapping
  • Geophysical Investigation Methods
  • Geologic Site Hazard Evaluation
  • Slope Management
  • Instrumentation and Monitoring