Port of Portland, PDXNext

PDXNext comprises five key construction projects, which includes the Terminal Core Redevelopment (TCORE), Concourse E Expansion/Terminal Balancing, Parking Additions and Rental Car Facility (PACR), Concourse B Redevelopment, and the Quick Turnaround Facility.
Terminal Core Redevelopment (TCORE)/Western Expansion: The Western Expansion project at Portland International Airport caries a lofty goal of building a new resilient terminal the is designed to survive a M9 event on the Cascadia Subduction Zone. In addition to the new resilient terminal, portions of the work go to improving the seismic performance of the existing terminal by removing existing foundation loading, replacing diaphragm, and reinforcing connections. The new expanded terminal will contain the ticket lobby, security screening, baggage handling and baggage claim, mezzanine offices and conference rooms, and a pre-security concessions area.
Concourse E/Terminal Balancing: The project included Southwest Airline’s move to the new Concourse E to better balance passenger use of TSA checkpoints, baggage handling systems, and the ticket lobby. GRI provided geotechnical design services and completed subsurface investigations that included drilled borings and cone penetration tests. GRI provided recommendations for seismic design; foundation support, including driven pipe piles and conventional spread footings; earthwork; settlement mitigation; groundwater control; temporary shoring; lateral earth and uplift pressures; and PCC and AC pavement design.
Parking and Consolidated Rental Car Facility (PACR): PACR is a recently completed six-story, 90,000-square-foot building that holds the Transportation Security Administration’s Portland headquarters, a rental car center, the port police headquarters, and a central communications center. GRI completed a geotechnical investigation to evaluate subsurface conditions at the site and develop conclusions and recommendations regarding foundation support, seismic design, site preparation and earthwork, and temporary excavations and shoring.
Concourse B Redevelopment: GRI completed a geotechnical and pavement evaluation for the renovation and expansion of Concourse B. The geotechnical evaluation including a new exploration program, laboratory testing, and geotechnical analysis to support overall design and construction of a resilient concourse. The pavement evaluation utilized field explorations, and FWD testing to develop recommendations in support of both rehab and replacement of the existing apron surrounding Concourse B
Quick Turnaround Facility: GRI provided geotechnical design and seismic engineering services for the new two-story QTA building; the ground level is used to prepare rental cars for customer use and the upper level is used for the storage of rental cars. The project also included associated roadways, a new Port employee parking lot, and a support building and parking lot for the ground transportation service providers.

Location: Portland, Oregon

Owner: Port of Portland

Market Sector: Aviation, Ports and Waterfront