Ports & Waterfront

Ports and waterfront facilities are the lifeline for much of our economy by providing bases to facilitate the movement of goods and providing jobs that support the local communities. Public and private owners of port and waterfront facilities, alike, develop and maintain a broad inventory of assets while being mindful of the economic and environmental costs of their activities and facilities. GRI has a deep body of experience with this infrastructure, including design and construction of new facilities, rehabilitation of aging or deficient facilities, and retrofits to improve seismic resiliency. As a result, we understand the challenges and complexity that often accompany marine projects. GRI is known for collaborative teaming to develop solutions that balance the needs of the project with cost, environmental, and constructability considerations. Our staff leadership on the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Ports and Harbors Committee and ASCE 7-22 subcommittees and collaborative research with the academic community puts as at the forefront of the field.

For federally-funded projects, GRI is a small business as defined by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) and provides engineering services under NAICS code 541330 for engineering services. We are registered with the SBA and in the System for Award Management (SAM).

Ports & Waterfront Subsectors:

  • Docks
  • Terminals
  • Pavements
  • Wharves & Piers
  • Upland Facilities
  • Shorelines

Ports & Waterfront Services:

  • Seismic Resilience Evaluation and Design
  • Pavement Management and Design
  • Foundation Design
  • Bulkhead and Retaining Wall Design
  • Underground Utilities
  • Pile Driving Analysis
  • Trenchless Technologies Evaluation
  • Instrumentation Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Ground Improvement Design
  • Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Soil and Groundwater Contamination Assessment and Remediation
  • Shoreline Stabilization
  • Erosion Mitigation
  • Dredging Support