Jackson County, East Vilas Road

GRI completed a geotechnical investigation and pavement evaluation for the East Vilas Road from Foothill Road to Crater Lake Avenue project. The roadway segment is an approximately 2-mile-long, two-lane, two-way road surfaced with asphalt concrete (AC). It provides east-west connectivity between Foothill Road and Crater Lake Avenue in Jackson County, Oregon. Culverts exist at two irrigation canal crossings and the Swanson Creek crossing, and open ditches exist along the edges of the roadway alignment.

Our project team’s field investigation included completing 10 pavement cores and shallow borings distributed along the alignment and four deeper borings near two culvert crossings. Additionally, our field investigation involved completing falling weight deflectometer (FWD) deflection testing. GRI’s project team used the information from these efforts to develop recommendations for pavement reconstruction, culvert headwalls, and embankment fill. Scope of services also included providing geotechnical and pavement engineering conclusions and recommendations.

Location: Central Point, Oregon

Owner: Jackson County

Market Sector: Transportation