City of Longview, Washington Way Bridge

The existing city-owned 160-foot-long, 65-foot-wide, 10-span bridge over Lake Sacajawea and Lake Sacajawea Park, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was replaced with a three-span bridge constructed on the same alignment. The new bridge and up to 12-foot-tall abutment and wing walls are supported on a deep foundation system. GRI developed recommendations for design and construction of deep foundation systems consisting of driven steel pipe piles; addressed seismic considerations, including liquefaction and lateral spreading; designed a timber pile ground improvement program to reduce lateral movements and liquefaction-induced settlement; addressed earthwork and site preparation, including grading of in-water slopes and construction considerations; and provided pavement designs. GRI provided observation services during ground improvement and pile installation.

Location: Longview, Washington

Owner: City of Longview

Market Sector: Transportation