City of Brookings, Chetco Point Memorial Trail Project

The site of the City of Brookings Chetco Point Memorial Trail Project was chosen from the coastline of the Pacific Northwest by a private donor with a vision to restore and improve public access to the stunning views along the coastal bluff peninsula.  The project challenges included limited access for construction equipment, steep grades and rugged terrain, complex geology, existing slope hazards near the bridge and trail segments, performing construction in a sensitive coastal environment, and limited funds to deliver the project.  The bridge site extends along the crest of a razorback ridge, and the maximum span length that could support city maintenance vehicles was limited to 35 feet.  As a result, the bridge abutments were located near active landslides and erosional features. The design team addressed the slope hazards by orienting the abutments as a saddle on the ridge top and installing micropile foundations into the bedrock on each side of the ridge to support the structure. The super-structure was designed and built out of timber, resembling the renewable natural resources historically exported by vessels from Chetco Point from a timber wharf and cable tramway in the early 1900’s.  The new bridge, ¼ mile of paved walking paths, and gentler grades have greatly improved public access to the stunning natural beauty of Chetco Point peninsula.  This project had an ambitious design and construction team that delivered a great reward to the public for a relatively small total cost of under $240,000.

Location: : Brookings, Oregon

Owner: City of Brookings

Market Sector: Transportation