The Village at Mary's Woods, West Field Development

GRI provided geotechnical services for the West Field Development at Mary’s Woods, an expansion of the senior living community in Lake Oswego. The project, which included extensive site work, consists of a 41,000-square-foot commons building; four three-level residential buildings with a total of 198 units; a four-level, 41,700-square-foot assisted living facility; and three two-level retail shell buildings featuring 39,400 square feet of space.

GRI completed a geotechnical investigation to evaluate subsurface conditions in the area and develop recommendations for use in design and construction of this residential development. The investigation consisted of a review of the available subsurface and geologic information for the site, a surface geologic reconnaissance, subsurface explorations, laboratory testing, and engineering analyses.

Location: Lake Oswego, OR

Owner: Mary’s Woods

Market Sector: Development