City of Portland- Parks and Recreation, Wildwood Trail Bridge (Barbara Walker Crossing)

The Barbara Walker Crossing Pedestrian Bridge created a safe crossing for pedestrians and bicyclists on the Wildwood Trail. Before the construction of the pedestrian bridge, 80,000 hikers and bikers had to cross over West Burnside each year, the same road carries an average of 20,000 cars every day. Now, the Barbara Walker Crossing safely connects the Wildwood Trail, from the Hoyt Arboretum to Pittock Mansion, filling a key gap in the 40-Mile-Loop, a network of trails and paths throughout the Portland-metro area. Before the bridge, nearly 800 pedestrian crossed West Burnside at this site every day, now, over 2,000 pedestrians cross using the bridge every day. GRI provided geotechnical engineering services for numerous geotechnical challenges at the site. GRI developed geotechnical recommendations for rock excavation and support at the south abutment. Our project team also provided geologic engineering services regarding potential landslides on the hillside north of Burnside.

Location: Multnomah County, Oregon

Owner: City of Portland Parks and Recreation

Market Sector: Transportation