McNeil Island Fish Barrier Removal

GRI completed a geotechnical investigation for the proposed fish barrier removal and habitat restoration projects at three sites on McNeil Island in Pierce County, Washington. The purpose of our investigation was to evaluate subsurface conditions at each of the sites and develop geotechnical recommendations for design and construction of proposed new bridges and/or culverts being considered to replace the existing culverts at the Bodley Creek and Floyd’s Cove sites. With the previous site being a location for a federal penitentiary, we navigated specialty access considerations for our geotechnical investigation. Our investigation included a review of available geological information at the project site; subsurface explorations; analytical testing to provide data regarding the impacts on the former Asarco Smelter on the site soils; geotechnical laboratory testing; engineering analyses; and preparation of a geotechnical report.

Location: Piece County, Washington

Owner: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Market Sector: Water & Environment