Iberdrola Renewables, Klondike III Wind Farm

The Klondike III wind farm is located on approximately 14,500 acres in Sherman County, Oregon. The farm generates up to 224 MW of power and includes 125 1.5- to 2.3-MW wind turbines. The wind farm is expected to produce enough electricity to power 110,000 homes per year while reducing CO2 emissions. GRI assessed the geologic and seismic setting at the site to characterize, on a preliminary basis, the geology and seismicity of the project area and immediate vicinity and associated potential hazards that could impact the project and identify potential mitigation measures. The scope of work included review of available relevant information and publications regarding geologic and seismic conditions; examination of aerial photographs; a limited ground-level reconnaissance; geologic, seismic, and geotechnical analyses; and preparation of a report. GRI’s work provided the technical basis to fulfill the requirements of Appendix H, Geology and Seismicity, as outlined in OAR 345-021-0010(1)(h) for provision of evidence to support the findings by the State of Oregon, Energy Facility Siting Council. This transmission line extends 12 miles from the new BPA Klondike Schoolhouse substation to a new BPA John Day Substation.

Location: Sherman County, Oregon

Owner: Iberdrola Renewables

Market Sector: Energy