8th Annual Kickball Without Borders Fundraiser

img_20160820_103456A few GRI kickball enthusiasts took part in the 8th annual Engineers Without Borders (EWB) fundraiser.  It was a blistering hot day, and each team brought their top competitors.  GRI took the field first and was able to hold back the opponent the first few innings, but after several scoring runs, we lost the first game.  After a small break, GRI was back on the field facing off against a new team.  Every inning, we seemed to be evenly matched, and after a few controversial plays, the other team eventually pulled ahead.  Now 0-2, we had one more game to restore our honor.  There was no way we could walk away without a win, and it was time to take the field for the last time.  Third time is the charm, because we dominated our third game.  Unfortunately, we did not qualify to make it to the next round…but there is always next year.

GRI is a big advocate of the EWB organization and was one of the sponsors of the event.  The GRI team captain, Kyle Wolfe, also regularly volunteers for the organization.  Currently, he is the Responsible Engineer-in-Charge for the Honduras Program.  Thanks to the contributions of all the sponsors, EWB was able to raise $20,500, which will be distributed between the active EWB projects. For more information on the active projects or how to get involved, visit the Portland Chapter website: http://www.ewbportland.org/projects