Bryson & Grandma Halloween 2019_Michelle Dodgson

Michelle Dodgson

Marketing Data Specialist

Michelle is currently the Marketing Data Specialist in GRI’s marketing group assisting in the implementation of GRI’s Customer Relationship Management program and opportunity/lead tracking.  Michelle joined GRI in 1987, where she worked as GRI’s lead administrative assistant/front office coordinator in addition to helping coordinate the efforts of the production team. She has also been a critical resource in assisting the technical staff with their business development efforts. When not enjoying the camaraderie of her GRI colleagues, Michelle likes to spend time in her garden and is very much taking pleasure in being a first-time grandma to her grandson, Bryson Alexander.

What interests you most about geotechnical engineering?
I like the fact that geotechnical engineering pertains mainly to conditions found “in the ground,” and that as geotechnical engineers, our work is usually conducted prior to most people even knowing a project is going to be built.

What is your favorite thing about working at GRI?:
If I have to pick one answer, I would say the GRI staff who all work hard on their respective projects, but who also take the time to appreciate their co-workers and offer support when needed.

Where is your hometown? How did it shape who you are today?
Aberdeen, Washington. As it is a smaller logging town, I think my 10 years growing up there allowed me to be a kid in the safety of my neighborhood where literally, “everybody knew my name.”