GRI_pic_MAH_Matthew Haynes

Matthew Haynes, PE

Project Pavement Engineer

Matt joined GRI in 2019 after finishing his Masters degree at Oregon State University with a focus in asphalt paving materials and transportation engineering. As a Project Pavement Engineer, he is responsible for assisting with pavement evaluation, design, and management projects. He has extensive experience in performing PCI surveys, developing pavement reports, and observing pavement-related construction. Matt has also assisted with the management, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of multiple airport pavement facilities throughout Oregon.

What interests you most about geotechnical engineering?
Having the opportunity to design roadway facilities that may be used by hundreds or thousands, of people on a daily basis.

Favorite activity outside of work?
Skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking

What is your favorite thing about working at GRI?
Working with like-minded professionals who value their work and the relationships they develop with their peers.

What is your favorite project completed at GRI?
Conducting pavement surveys on the aircraft runways and taxiways at the Port of Portland.

BS Civil Engineering, Oregon State University
MS Civil Engineering, Oregon State University