Action Photo_Jon Huffman

Jonathan Huffman, PhD, PE, GE

Senior Engineer

Jon recently joined GRI as a Senior Geotechnical Engineer. He completed his Doctorate degree in Civil Engineering at Oregon State University. As a Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Jon will be responsible for advanced engineering analysis, reporting, project management, and client development. He brings extensive transportation-related project experience to the team, having provided geotechnical consultation on numerous new bridges and bridge retrofits. Jon also has extensive experience with aviation-related projects.

What interests you most about geotechnical engineering?:
We are dealing with soil and rock, which is inherently variable material. So good geotechnical engineering has to have a strong understanding of physics and probability analysis, mixed with experience and empirical evaluation. There is often not a “correct” solution, just the one that is most justifiable. It’s often humbling, but also rewarding.

Favorite meal?:
Beer and pancakes.

Favorite activity outside of work?:
I have relatively young kids, so most of my time outside of work is spent wrangling them. Fun fact: they are both way smarter than me already, and they know it.

PhD Civil Engineering, Oregon State University
BS Civil Engineering, Oregon State University
MEng Civil Engineering, Oregon State University