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Joe Heidgerken, RG, CEG

Project Geologist

Joe joined GRI in 2021 and brings over 20 years of geologic engineering and pavement design experience to GRI. As a Project Geologist, he is responsible for managing and coordinating project field applications with scheduling, permitting, and carrying out field work, site specific hazard assessments, and field mapping. Joe is also experienced with coordinating and managing pavement field loads with falling weight deflectometer (FWD) testing and ground penetrating radar (GPR), and brings ample experience working on public and private projects, including projects with ODOT and WSDOT. Outside of work, Joe enjoys spending time with his family, camping, and fishing.

What interests you most about geotechnical engineering?
Starting a project from the exploration phase and later seeing the result. Pavement design being involved in the organization to pull projects together to function smoothly and safely.

What is your favorite thing about working at GRI?
The culture of the people involved sold me on moving to GRI. A very positive environment to work in with a stellar resume of people and projects.

Favorite activity outside of work?
BBQ and being with my wife and kids, the usual camping and fishing.

BS Geology, University of Oregon