Dawn Nolan

Information Services Lead and Technical Editor

Dawn joined GRI in 2021, as part of the Production team as the Technical Editor. As a Technical Editor, she is responsible for editing company deliverables, managing stylistic standards, and ensuring all reports are of the highest quality and reflect company standards. Dawn recently obtained her Master’s degree in Communication with a concentration in Science and Environmental Communication from Portland State University. She also holds a BS in Communication and Media Studies with a minor in Sustainability from Portland State University.

What is your favorite book/article?
Voices in the Ocean by Susan Casey

Where is your hometown? How did it shape who you are today?
Portland, Oregon! It has shaped me into a lover of local breweries, diverse wineries, food trucks, obsessive baristas, urban gardening, and my love of the outdoors.

Favorite Meal?
If there is anything in this world that I could eat forever and never grow tired of then it would be pizza. Hot baked bread with melted cheese, sausage, and veggies along with a dash of sauce, it’s too irresistible and too good to be passed down.

MS Communication, Portland State University
BS Communication and Media Studies, Portland State University