Brian Bayne, PE


Brian joined GRI in 2004 after finishing his Masters in Civil Engineering from Washington State University. As an Associate, Brian is responsible for completing subsurface investigations, construction monitoring, and geotechnical engineering services on a wide variety of projects including new bridges, waterfront structures, and buildings.

What is your favorite project completed at GRI?
The Barbara Walker Crossing pedestrian bridge over Burnside along the Wildwood Trail. I have crossed Burnside road at this location prior to the bridge being built and this bridge provided a much needed safety improvement.

What is your favorite thing about working at GRI?
Everyday is a little different. Might be in the field watching pile driving one day, working behind a drill rig the following day, and in the office the next working on an interesting project.

What is your favorite book/article?
Bill Bryon’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything.” I enjoy learning about history and like his writing style.

Favorite activity outside of work?
Attending Portland Timber soccer matches. I have been a season ticket holder since before they joined the MLS.

BS Civil Engineering, Washington State University
MS Civil Engineering, Washington State University