Crown Point Viaduct Restoration

b_crown_pointLocated along the Historic Columbia River Highway and high above the Columbia River, Crown Point has long been a favorite destination for viewing the Columbia River Gorge.  Originally constructed in 1914, the structurally supported sidewalk, or viaduct, is located near the top of a sheer basalt cliff and provides unobstructed views of the gorge.  In 1915, a retaining wall was constructed to support the road bed for the highway.  The Vista House was built a year later in 1916.

GRI is part of a multi-discipline design team led by David Evans and Associates, Inc., that is working with the Federal Highway Administration and Oregon Department of Transportation to restore and strengthen the viaduct after nearly a century of use.  The goal of the work is to structurally strengthen the viaduct while preserving the appearance and as much of the original structure as possible.  The challenging site conditions as well as the project requirements have given rise to innovative, yet cost-effective, solutions that will extend the life of this remarkable facility for at least another 50 years.

Courtesy of ODOT Photo and Video Services