Port of Vancouver USA, Berth Deepening

GRI completed an analysis of all Port of Vancouver waterfront facilities to evaluate options to deepen the dredge line in front of their berths in conjunction with the ongoing Corps of Engineers deepening project. Overwater bathymetric surveys beneath and in front of the existing structures were organized to form the basis for a comprehensive slope stability evaluation. GRI used an extensive database of existing geotechnical information and new vibro-core samples to develop a generalized subsurface profile for each of the berths. The geotechnical impacts of dredging were evaluated on a wide variety of structure types including sheet pile bulkheads, dolphins, and wharves supported by a combination of timber, precast, prestressed concrete and steel pipe piles. The design team classified the relative hazard level and mitigation strategies and costs for each structure, if necessary, in an effort to phase dredging and improvements with the Port’s planned capital improvements. With respect to the current solicitation, the project included deep foundation and embankment design and analysis, sheet pile wall evaluation, evaluation of soil conditions and properties, slope stability evaluations, subsurface interpretation, marine geophysical investigations, and preparation of geotechnical analysis reports.

Location: Vancouver, Washington

Owner: Port of Vancouver USA

Market Sector: Ports and Waterfront