Port of Portland, PDXNext Portland International Airport Concourse E

GRI provided geotechnical design services for the two-story, 800-foot-long extension of Concourse E, which includes a utility tunnel beneath the length of the extension. The project also includes raising the grade of the North Ramp portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement and providing asphalt concrete (AC) pavement for a new Remain Overnight area for aircraft and truck access to a new fueling area. GRI completed subsurface investigations that included drilled borings and cone penetration tests, laboratory testing, and engineering analyses. GRI provided recommendations for seismic design; foundation support, including driven pipe piles and conventional spread footings; earthwork; settlement; groundwater control; temporary shoring; lateral earth and uplift pressures; floor support and subdrainage; and PCC and AC pavement design.

Location: Portland, Oregon

Owner: Port of Portland

Market Sector: Aviation