GRI Welcomes Three New Team Members!

Mike, Lindsi, and Christina joined our Beaverton office in August 2015.  Mike and Lindsi have been extremely busy in expanding our pavement engineering group and are currently developing new strategies to enhance GRI’s services.  Christina was sent to the field during her first week and is currently shadowing our project engineers for several of our projects.

MaloneyMike Maloney, PE
Principal Pavement Engineer

Mike brings with him 27 years of pavement engineering experience, including pavement management, forensic investigations, and pavement designs for virtually every type of pavement.  He has completed numerous projects for ODOT, the Port of Portland, TriMet, and every major city and county throughout Oregon and southwest Washington.  He has provided rehabilitation recommendations for over 1,000 miles of roadway and 750 acres of airfield and industrial yard pavement.






HammondLindsi Hammond, PE
Project Engineer

Lindsi has more than seven years of pavement engineering experience.  Her project work includes pavement management, pavement evaluation, and pavement design.  As a project engineer, she is responsible for completing the implementation and update of pavement management systems for airport and roadway systems, backcalculating falling weight deflectometer (FWD) data, and designing pavements using AASHTO, Asphalt Institute, FAARFIELD, PerRoads, PCASE, and Portland Cement Association methods.






Jones-2Christina Jones, EIT
Staff Engineer

Christina just finished her master’s degree in civil engineering at the University of Colorado.  For her master’s research, she worked with a research group  and conducted centrifuge experiments studying the seismic response of deep, braced excavations near high-rise buildings at the Center for Geotechnical Modeling at the University of California, Davis.