GRI Collaborates to Inspire Young Female Geoscientists

One of the newest members of the GRI team, Nora Utevsky, GIT, recently volunteered at a 5-day, hands-on geoscience field camp for middle school girls at Mount St. Helens.  In its third year, GeoGirls allows young

Nora explains how to live on the edge!

women to explore the volcanoes in their backyard, the hazards they pose to human population, and the technology scientists use to monitor them.

Nora, a Staff Geologist in GRI’s Beaverton office, has been participating in the program since its inception and relishes the opportunity to give back while sharing her passion for geology with budding female scientists.  This year, she led the GeoGirls through a geologic hazard and city planning game of her own creation, titled “Living on the Edge.”  While playing Living on the Edge, the girls used their knowledge of volcanic hazards to build and maintain a town in the shadow of an active Cascade volcano.

GeoGirls is a free experience for girls, thanks in large part to public funding.  GRI is proud to sponsor and contribute to this exciting program that paves the way for young women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers.

The GeoGirls website has much more information about the program and how to become a partner or sponsor.