Selfie_Rud Moe

Rud Moe, GIT

Geology Staff

Rud joined GRI in 2019 after hiking the Appalachian Trail. He holds a BS in Geology and a BS in Sustainability. As geology staff, he is responsible for completing subsurface investigations, conducting laboratory testing of soil and rock, and providing construction observation services throughout Oregon and Washington. Rud has worked on a wide variety of projects large and small, brings a multi-disciplinary background in geology, GIS, sustainability, and hazardous waste consulting to the team. 

What is your favorite project completed at GRI?
The Barbara Walker Crossing Pedestrian Bridge.

Favorite meal?:
Work site taco wagons.

An interesting fact about yourself.
In 2016 I ate nothing but Chipotle every day for 6 months, and loved it.

BS Geology, Arizona State University
BS Sustainability, Arizona State University