Blaine Wruck, EIT

Engineering Staff

Blaine joined the GRI team in December 2018 after completing his Masters in Civil Engineering at Oregon State University, where his research focus was on pavement materials & technology. Blaine is a member of GRI’s Engineering Staff, and is responsible for assisting with pavement evaluation and design, analysis and interpretation of FWD and GPR data, as well as pavement management database development and analysis for airports and roadways. Blaine is also commercially licensed to fly Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) under FAA Part 107, and has implemented this technology for visual pavement evaluation on several projects at GRI.

What interests you most about geotechnical engineering?
Pavement engineering interests me because of the capacity it gives me as an engineer to improve a vital component of transportation infrastructure.

What is your favorite project completed at GRI?
My most favorite project so far has been our pavement evaluation and design at the CCC MERTS campus in Astoria, OR. This project was very nontypical in the sense that we were required to design pavements for vehicles with unique axle configurations and loading characteristics. It gave me the opportunity to utilize special software in order to model special traffic loading scenarios and design pavements for nonstandard vehicles, such as large fire trucks and forklifts.

What is your favorite thing about working at GRI?
GRI is a team that values a high level of education and specialized knowledge. I feel fortunate to work with a group of such gifted individuals, because each team member is happy to share their knowledge on special topics and help me to understand nuances of engineering and geology that aren’t taught in the classroom. I am constantly learning new things on each project I am involved with, which makes the work that we do truly engaging.

MS Civil Engineering, Oregon State University
BS Civil Engineering, Oregon State University