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PGE Park


PGE Park (now Jeld Wen Field)
Portland, Oregon

In 2001, a renovation of the Civic Stadium in southwest Portland took place, upgrading the facility and re-naming it PGE Park. GRI provided geotechnical and environmental services for the renovation the stadium. Prior to construction of Civic Stadium, the site was a lowland associated with the Tanner Creek drainage. Significant amounts of fill were placed in the lowland, and the stadium was subsequently built in 1924. The geotechnical services included subsurface explorations, soil testing, engineering analyses, site-specific seismic design considerations, and preparation of technical reports. GRI provided the design team with recommendations for earthwork and design and construction of shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, and temporary and permanent shoring systems. GRI personnel provided full-time construction engineering services during earthwork and installation of the new foundation system. Historically, the site was occupied by a power generating facility, gasoline station, and commercial laundry. The purpose of the environmental assessment was to evaluate the potential for soil or groundwater contamination associated with former uses of the site. The assessment included review of government agency records regarding potential contaminant sources at the site and in the site vicinity; review of topographic, geologic, and hydrogeologic information for the site; review of previous uses of the site and adjacent properties for activities that might have resulted in contamination; and a detailed site reconnaissance including the interior and exterior of the stadium building, and the athletic field. The ESA also included the collection and chemical analysis of suspected lead-based paint from the existing stadium.

(Bottom photograph by Chris Yunker)