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Garrett Timm, GIT

Garrett Timm

Engineering Staff

Garrett joined GRI in April of 2018 after completing his master’s degree at the University of Washington with a focus in geotechnical engineering.  Garrett hopes to apply his complementary backgrounds of geology and geotechnical engineering towards a multidisciplinary career that is focused on helping mitigate geologic hazards to the public.  Prior to joining GRI, Garrett provided construction observation services on sites of varying scales in downtown Seattle and the greater Seattle area.  As a member of the engineering staff at GRI, he has been responsible for assisting in the implementation of site-specific geotechnical solutions through construction monitoring services, laboratory testing of soils and rock, and engineering analyses for projects located throughout western Oregon.

BS Geology, University of Washington
MS Geotechnical Engineering, University of Washington

Geologist-in-Training: Washington