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Uptown Heights Apartments

Uptown Heights Apartments
Portland, Oregon

The Uptown Heights development features 16 three- to four-story apartment buildings constructed atop a 100-ft-high cut slope behind the Uptown Shopping Center in Northwest Portland. Access to the apartments is provided by a 350-ft-long roadway that required a bridgelike foundation along a 200-ft portion of its length. The structured portion of the roadway, which was necessary to span areas of unstable ground, is founded on spread footings anchored into rock. GRI evaluated surface and subsurface conditions at the site and provided recommendations for the design of foundation support for the apartments and structured portions of the roadway. Alternative methods of foundation support for the buildings included spread footings alone or in combination with drilled concrete piers, depending on the setback of each unit from the top of the steep slope. Recommendations were provided for earthwork and site preparation, floor support, and design lateral earth pressure and drainage requirements for embedded basement walls and retaining walls along portions of the site. GRI personnel observed the earthwork- and foundation-related portions of the work.

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