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The Wyatt

The Wyatt
Portland, Oregon

The Wyatt is the largest mixed-use structure in Portland’s Pearl District. The high-rise structure includes a central 15-story tower, one- to three-story structures around the perimeter of the tower, and three below-grade levels for parking. A 40-ft-deep shored excavation was required to construct the below-grade parking levels. The dewatering system design was reviewed by the City of Portland as part of the building permit application. Disposal of the water, including the estimated quantity and duration of the dewatering operations, was of concern to the City. GRI conducted a pump test at the site to assist the contractor and their engineer in the design of the most economical dewatering system. The results of the test were evaluated to provide preliminary estimates of the total amount of water that may need to be pumped to accomplish the dewatering. Our geotechnical services also included a site-specific seismic hazard study and development of recommendations for foundation design and construction. GRI personnel observed the installation of cast-in-place soldier piles for excavation shoring, tie-back installation and testing, reviewed and evaluated shoring survey data and instrumentation results, and evaluated foundation bearing surfaces during construction of the mat foundation. Prior to construction, GRI completed a hazardous building material survey of the existing commercial building that was to be demolished. GRI detected asbestos, underground storage tanks, and petroleum-contaminated soil that needed to be remediated prior to site redevelopment. During construction of project, GRI sampled groundwater being generated during dewatering activities. The chemical results from the groundwater samples were provided to the City of Portland to determine requirements for water discharge.

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