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Water System Improvements

Water System Improvements
Sherwood, Oregon

The City of Sherwood recently constructed a 3.5-mile-long, 48-in.-diameter pipeline to link the Willamette River Water Treatment Plant in Wilsonville, Oregon, to a new 4-MG reservoir site near the intersection of Baker and Tooze roads and an existing reservoir at Snyder Park in Sherwood. The City plans to construct a second 4-MG reservoir at the site in the future.  GRI completed a geotechnical and seismic design studies for the site that included subsurface explorations, laboratory testing, engineering studies, and preparation of a report that addressed excavation, site preparation, foundation support, settlement, retaining structures, drainage, and seismic design.  For the waterline, trenching conditions were evaluated with a reconnaissance and subsurface explorations.  GRI prepared a report that characterized subsurface and trenching conditions and addressed trench excavation, support, dewatering, and backfill.

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