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SAIF Corporation – High Street Groundwater Monitoring

SAIF Corporation – High Street Groundwater Monitoring
Salem, Oregon

In 1998, GRI installed six groundwater monitoring wells on SAIF’s campus Salem, Oregon. The wells were installed as part of a program to investigate petroleum soil and groundwater contamination encountered during construction of a flood control/dewatering system for the building. As part of the contamination assessment, a magnetometer survey of the property was conducted in an effort to locate undocumented USTs. Under direction of DEQ, GRI is conducting quarterly sampling and analysis of groundwater samples. In conjunction with this work, GRI is conducting an ongoing groundwater dewatering study associated with high groundwater levels during flooding of the area around the campus. Three buildings flooded during the heavy rains of 1996 and 1997. The investigation has included installation of test wells, pump tests, groundwater level monitoring, and development of a preliminary design for a dewatering system.