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Red Lion Hotel

Red Lion Hotel
Portland, Oregon

The Red Lion Jantzen Beach and Columbia River hotels are located upstream and downstream, respectively, of the Interstate Bridge which connects Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington. The Oregon-side riverfront in this area was damaged as a result of flooding during the winter of 1996. Damage generally consisted of loss of ground due to erosion and sliding of the riverbank, resulting in oversteepened riverfront slopes. In addition, a large sinkhole developed behind an intermediate bent of the Interstate Bridge that serves as a retaining structure for a paved parking and roadway area beneath the bridge. GRI assisted with an initial evaluation of the damage and subsequently conducted a detailed examination of the project areas, obtained recent topographic and hydrographic survey information, and performed engineering studies. Recommendations were made for reconstruction of riverbank slopes and design of structured fill, riprap protection, and sinkhole repair.