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Port of Vancouver Terminal 2 Expansion

Port of Vancouver Terminal 2 Expansion
Vancouver, Washington

Phase 2 improvements to the Port of Vancouver’s Terminal 2 included extending the Phase 1 dock nearly 800 ft downstream. Support for the new sections of dock consists of 24-in.-diameter steel pipe piles to match the existing Phase 1 dock. Subsurface conditions in the project area were explored with landside borings and several borings drilled over water from a barge and from the surface of the existing timber pile-supported dock that was removed in the area of the upstream dock extension. The overwater borings were drilled to a maximum depth of about 80 ft below the mudline. GRI evaluated seismic considerations associated with the site, including liquefaction-related settlement and lateral spreading, and provided recommendations for design and construction of the anchored sheet pile bulkhead; bulkhead backfill; slope stability and riprap protection; and design and installation of foundation piles.

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