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Old Town Recovery Center

Old Town Recovery Center
Portland, Oregon

Located on the corner of NW Broadway and W Burnside in downtown Portland, the Old Town Recovery Center was developed by Central City Concern as a health care clinic to serve individuals with mental health and addiction issues. Because historic uses of the site have included an auto repair shop, fueling station with underground storage tanks, and most recently a fast-food restaurant and parking lot, there was a high likelihood that soil and/or groundwater contamination would be encountered during earthwork associated with construction of the facility. Prior to beginning field work, we developed an environmental services work plan that outlined procedures for field investigation, quality control guidelines, soil and groundwater sample collection procedures, contaminated waste disposal, and reporting. Oregon Department of Environmental Quality reviewed and approved the work plan.  Under our direction, an underground storage tank and contaminated fill were removed from the site. During the work, soil, soil gas, and groundwater samples were obtained for chemical analysis by a subcontracting laboratory. We also conducted a Beneficial Water Use survey to determine whether any local residents within 500 ft of the site were currently using groundwater or planning to use groundwater in the future. The results of our work were documented in an Independent Cleanup Pathway report that identified and defined the sources, nature, and extent of contamination at the site; summarized the findings of our sampling and chemical analysis; and documented the remediation activities. DEQ approved the report and issued a No Further Action status for the site.

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