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Northeast Apron Pavement Rehabilitation

Northeast Apron Pavement Rehabilitation
Portland International Airport

The existing 10-acre northeast apron is proposed for rehabilitation to accommodate the proposed daily, partially loaded Boeing 757-300 and Boeing 767-400ER aircraft traffic and occasional Airbus A340-500 aircraft. Primary consideration is being given to overlay construction. In addition, a fillet of new pavement will be constructed at the apron entrance to provide a wider entrance and improve aircraft access to the apron. Apron access roads subjected to heavy two-axle support and fuel trucks are also proposed for rehabilitation. The geotechnical services included drilled borings, evaluation of falling-weight deflectometer (FWD) data, and engineering analyses. Design of new and overlay pavements subjected to aircraft traffic and truck traffic were performed using the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) LEDFAA1.3 computer program and methodologies and the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO), respectively. All new pavement will consist of asphaltic concrete (AC), and site grades will remain essentially the same. The pavements are to be designed for a design life of 20 years.