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Lincoln City WWTP Improvements

Lincoln City WWTP Improvements
Lincoln City, Oregon

In June 2008, Lincoln City completed the first of a two-phase upgrade of their 3-MG/day wastewater treatment plant.  Improvements included a new electrical building, pretreatment screening systems, and Sequencing Batch Reactor basins, where microbes are used along with mixing and aeration to breakdown the waste in the sewage.  Geotechnical considerations associated with the site included high groundwater levels and soft, liquefiable soils.  GRI evaluated subsurface conditions at the site and provided recommendations for site preparation and earthwork; excavations of the large, deep SBR excavations, including temporary shoring and construction dewatering; foundation design, including shallow spread footings and driven steel pile piles; and pavement design.  GRI personnel provided field observation services and consultation during foundation construction.

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