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Cameron Glass Facility

Cameron Glass Facility
Kalama, Washington

Located on the Washington shore of the Columbia River in the Port of Kalama Industrial Park, this development consists of a large, heavily loaded batch plant and silo associated with the production of glass bottles and related warehouse and office space.  GRI conducted a geotechnical investigation, developed guidelines for mitigation of liquefaction and lateral spreading, and provided recommendations for earthwork and site preparation, foundation support, and pavement design.  The foundation investigation included six borings and five cone penetration tests (CPT) probes that extended to a depth of about 100 ft.  A ground improvement program was implemented to form a buttress to mitigate the risk of lateral spreading.  Due to the potential for earthquake-related settlement due to liquefaction of site soils, foundations for the warehouse, batch plant and silo consist of driven grout and steel pipe piles.  GRI personnel provided observation during earthwork and foundation construction and provided consultation for this very large, fast-track design-build project.

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