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Ash Grove Cement Reclaim Belt Conveyors

Ash Grove Cement Reclaim Belt Conveyors
Portland, Oregon

Two reclaim belt conveyors were replaced with new, steeper conveyors at the Ash Grove facility on the east bank of the Willamette River south of Swan Island Industrial Park.  Two retaining walls ranging from about 6 to 12 ft high and 55 ft long were constructed adjacent to the new conveyors, and equipment imposes surcharge loads of up to 1,500 psf on the wall backfill.  Subsurface information developed by GRI in 2006 for previous improvements at the site was reviewed, and design and construction criteria were provided for the new retaining walls and foundations for the new conveyors, which required excavations up to 15 ft below existing grades.  GRI also addressed seismic considerations, including an estimate of liquefaction-related settlement associated with the design-level earthquake.